When You Need to Exterminate Bees—What to do and Whom to Call

Bees and wasps with hiveBees are pests when their hives create an unwanted threat to your home and family. Although being stung by a bee or wasp is typically a minor wound, some are allergic and require serious medical attention at the single sting of a bee. Spraying a hive or wasp nest can merely aggravate the bees and wasps into stinging; instead, seek professional help through EnviroCon Termite & Pest to help exterminate bees from your property. Contact us immediately for a quote on removing bees and wasps and their hives.
Bees and wasps become problematic for most homeowners in the springtime, when flowers begin to bloom. An infestation can be detected by the following signs:

  • A large number of dead bees/wasps in or around your home
  • A consistent humming or buzzing emitting from the walls of your house, attic, or in the eaves
  • A multitude of bees or wasps in near proximity to your home

At EnviroCon, we use solid methods to exterminate bees, remove their hives, and eliminate any sign of the honey or honeycomb from your property, assuring that your bee and wasp problems will be completely taken care of.

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